Study finds opioids ARE effective for chronic pain

Well said and many with chronic painful diseases or conditions are proof after 5-25+ years. The government doesn’t want to listen, but will when I take this to congress on my upcoming meeting. Thank you

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Efficacy of opioids versus placebo in chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of enriched enrollment randomized withdrawal trials – free full-text /PMC5939920/ – J Pain Res. May 2018

This most recent study contradicts all the hype saying that opioids aren’t effective for our chronic pain:

  • Opioids are efficacious in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain for up to 3 months in randomized controlled trials”
  • Opioids … remain an important therapeutic option.”
  • I…the efficacy of opioids is at least as large as that of any other treatment for chronic pain.” 

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Author: Chronic Illnesses & Pain is hurting All Americans

I was an RN for over 37 yrs & no longer able to work due to CDC guidelines. I'm no longer able to function to work. I managed to complete my Masters.

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