Pain Awareness Month

My first writing is an Urgent Message

April is pain awareness month & we need ideas to promote awareness for all with chronic pain due to many chronic illnesses.

The ideas we’ve are holding rallies across the USA & abroad on the same day(s) & times according to time zones.

Please post your ideas & remember it can be national or local events in your area so ALL will take notice of the suffering that has been caused by the CDC, DEA, HHS & Our Government. They’re practicing medicine without a license & interfering with our constitutional, civil & human rights. Many have filed a complaint with the ADA as one doesn’t need to be disabled to do.

Find me on Facebook at which shows my name Sherry Sherman, underneath is Sherri Marzean (previous name) my picture & place of residence as Perryville, MD. I’ve not updated my address as I’m busy advocating how ALL LIVES MATTER. All government agencies that are responsible for the so called “opioid epidemic” that never exist. We’re fighting the VA as they’re implementing the “opiate safety initiative” one state at a time for fear that they’d have all Veterans up in arms at one time!! They protected our country & now they’re fighting for all those with chronic pain who are being denied or reduced on medications & not getting the proper healthcare. Feel free to friend request me & send a PM that you have chronic pain/illness & want to join our fight. We’re not giving up or going away until the CDC rescinds their guidelines. They secretly admitted their mistake on 12/26/16 by hiding the real statistics in an article but, weren’t so slick as I found it & shared it on my page & many groups I’m in. You’ll find that many of my post on my personal page are related to chronic illnesses & chronic pain. Our DEA is corrupt to which I have many articles that prove this & it’s time for a class action lawsuit. It’s way PAST TIME as too many lives have been lost due to the CDC & DEA practicing medicine as it’s NOT their job.

The National Pain Coalition has many activities taking place 4/22 – 4/30/17 & they need many from states that don’t have one listed to take the lead.

We can call, write, email our representatives as we’re already doing as well as hold peaceful protest anywhere of your choosing. I’m in Maryland & willing to do NJ, DC & have think I’m going to do the CDC Building in Maryland. We can target hospitals or events such as parades, flea markets & anything that will be easy for everyone to get to.

All ideas are welcome & many of us as leaders on Facebook are coming together to get ideas so we are NOTICED. We understand that with chronic illnesses & pain no one can commit or promise to be there.

Look at all the women, men & children who gathered not only in D.C but, in all 50 states & around the world on 1/21/17. I was in D.C on 1/21/17. I can tell you their were many with disabilities & everyone helped each other. The event was started on Facebook by 4 women & grew even more astronomical then they imagined. It wasn’t all about our new President Trump as we rallied for all woman & human rights to which we got the attention that was needed.

We can do this as the more who participate even in small groups in towns or capitals in all states will not go unnoticed.

Buffalo NY has a parade to where one leader is planning on getting a float & joining the parade with many sitting in their wheelchairs, using canes, walkers ect while passing out fliers. There are shirts that can be ordered from her if you wish that simply say ” I am chronic pain” (front) “Chronic Pain Warriors” (back). I’m more than happy to help anyone with ideas for t-shirts such as the one we had made up for The Rally Against Pain in D.C. We can make pins & many other items that are very inexpensive. We all can make signs with poster board, markers, tape & paint sticks.

We’re just getting ideas for the entire month of April & ask that everyone who’s interested look & see what’s going on in your area in April 2017. One thing we all can do is tie red ribbons around all our trees & get a banner or several banners from at a very reasonable cost. I’m going to get several & hang them everywhere I see a sign that says ” 4 out of 5 Heroin users abused narcotic prescription” & where I see a new addiction clinic billboard as I’m tired of seeing them everywhere I turn. We’re patients not addicts & deserve to be treated as such.

Go to – Ken McKim has been advocating for yrs – Steve Aries has been advocating for years  – Linda Cheeks, MD has a lot of information including, Senators, House of Representatives,  pre-done letters, doctors who were charged, convicted & aquitted. She wants to hear everyone’s story as to what you’re dealing with including our families. She’s the 1st doctor who was attacked, charged & convicted who has a lot of knowledge including webinars you can join for free.

I’m not going anywhere & would love to hear your stories by email, text or call. I can be reached at 1-443-406-5968 or If I don’t answer, please leave a message & know your call or text will be returned. I have MS, Fibromyalgia, OA, Osteoporosis, multiple herniated disc in my entire spine to which I’ve had 3 surgeries cervical & thoracic, spinal stenosis, arachnoiditis to name a few. I’m pending another C2-T2 posterior fusion, fixation & decompression sometime in June or July 2017.

Thank you, God Bless & have a painfree day/night as much as possible.




Author: Chronic Illnesses & Pain is hurting All Americans

I was an RN for over 37 yrs & no longer able to work due to CDC guidelines. I'm no longer able to function to work. I managed to complete my Masters.

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