Protect Pain Care | Dr. Jeffrey Fudin

This is absolutely absurd when Law Enforcement interferes with OUR doctors providing pain relief. Please go to the website listed by Dr. Fudin & post your comment?

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Protect Pain Care | Dr. Jeffrey Fudin

The latest indignity and law enforcement incursion upon medical service:

check out

This is as foul an indignity as people with chronic pain have yet suffered. And all because we have failed to change our healthcare system to accommodate the use of controlled substances for pain, with training, time, reimbursement and all the things that are needed to make opioids safer. Physicians don’t have the time to assess and monitor people with pain but profiteers and others do.

If I had chronic pain and was desperate, would I be willing to sacrifice my privacy and further sacrifice my dignity? Up to now I would only have had to do that at the pharmacy. Now my doctor, the person I hope to trust and have trust me back, is going to farm out the job of assessment and monitoring of me to…

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Author: Chronic Illnesses & Pain is hurting All Americans

I was an RN for over 37 yrs & no longer able to work due to CDC guidelines. I'm no longer able to function to work. I managed to complete my Masters.

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