Victims of Drug Diversion: Legitimate Pain Patients

Here is real truth about our Drug Diversion from a law enforcement officer

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

The Other Victim of Drug Diversion and Abuse: The Legitimate Patient with Pain | Dec 18, 2015 | by Cmdr John Burke

Written by a 40-year veteran of law enforcement and the past president of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. 

I have been in law enforcement for almost 48 years, a portion of which—especially the past 25 years—has been primarily devoted to fighting illegal drug trafficking. I include prescription drugs in this work because when they are diverted, they essentially become illegal drugs

Collateral damage is widespread regarding all illegal drugs, but with prescription drugs, there is another victim: legitimate patients with pain.

Legitimate pain patients are merely collateral damage in the drug war. 

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Author: Chronic Illnesses & Pain is hurting All Americans

I was an RN for over 37 yrs & no longer able to work due to CDC guidelines. I'm no longer able to function to work. I managed to complete my Masters.

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