Doctors Cleared Four Years After Federal, State Investigation Began

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Two Jay doctors say they have been cleared of any wrongdoing, four years after their medical practice became the focus of a federal and state investigation and they were forced to surrender their licenses to prescribe narcotics.

Back in July 2011, the FBI, federal Drug Enforcement Agency, the Attorney General’s Office, the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided the Jay Medical Clinic Thursday as Florida Highway Patrol troopers stood guard outside the complex, which is located next to Jay Hospital. Federal and state agents seized patient records from Dr. C. David Smith and his son Dr. J. S. Michael Smith.

Now, Dr. David Smith says they have been cleared by the U.S. Attorney’s Office…

Doesn’t really help all the patients who were denied access to healthcare because of this raid. And patients…

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Author: Chronic Illnesses & Pain is hurting All Americans

I was an RN for over 37 yrs & no longer able to work due to CDC guidelines. I'm no longer able to function to work. I managed to complete my Masters.

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