When Prosecution Replaces Prescription

My thoughts exactly as the DEA needs to let our physicians do their job and stop prosecuting them. This post speaks high volume when it states how many millions have used prescription painkillers without the consent of any physician. It’s my opinion & others they’re getting them from the medicine cabinets from those who needed them for acute short term pain to get high. As a chronic pain patient I & many others wouldn’t divert any medication to run the risk of 1. Be in pain 2. Lose our doctors 3. Give our medication away to anyone as we know it’s against the law.
It’s a very bad day when our government who is to be for the people, moves to restrict access to the needed opioids of those in chronic pain from a chronic illness because of those that have abused them. We must reclaim our rights as those with chronic pain & not allow the government to take our life saving medication away. Each day that passes we’re losing more chronic pain warriors to suicides who can no longer stand the pain they’ve been left to deal with. They are leaving behind family, loved ones & friends to grieve their loss because they couldn’t take the way they were treated. They’re treated inhumanely, as addicts and junkies when they were husbands,fathers,mothers, wives, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents,friends and most importantly they were as we are chronic pain patients not addicts. Yes, we all feel bad for those that have become addicted and/or lost a life due to addiction but, that’s a choice they made just as we’ve made the choice with our physicians to be treated as equals and now our physicians are being treated as drug dealers giving us our medications and fear the DEA who holds their life’s with a pen to allow them a DEA#. We must all stand up, sit down, crawl or be pushed no matter how we get there we must above all – Fight for our rights as American citizens to our Constitutional, Civil & Human Rights back & Reclaim them. I know friends who’ve become addicted & I have lost a loved one to suicide from chronic pain he could no longer take but again that doesn’t make anyone’s life better than the others. When will all lives matter and not just blue, black or those of the addict? We must make them understand that All Lives Do Matter and above all keep trying and never give up until they listen
Thank you as I’ll not stop no matter how bad the pain gets. .

Living With Daily Pain

When Prosecution Replaces Prescription 

By Lynn Webster, MD

POSTED: JUNE 11, 2014

Chances are that most of us know someone with disabling chronic pain. Spotting these people is not very easy. If she is in pain, for instance, you can bet she won’t share it with anyone. The stigma associated with chronic pain often produces a sense of shame and, therefore, desire for concealment.

Imagine this same scenario but on a national scale, with the only difference being that instead of some people withholding problems, society is withholding the solutions.

Such is the plight of Americans who suffer from some type of chronic, persistent pain—a group of people that the Institute of Medicine estimates to number more than 100 million. Many of these people find relief from non-opioid treatment, but there are countless others whose pain is so severe that opioid therapy is the only option that provides enough…

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Author: Chronic Illnesses & Pain is hurting All Americans

I was an RN for over 37 yrs & no longer able to work due to CDC guidelines. I'm no longer able to function to work. I managed to complete my Masters.

4 thoughts on “When Prosecution Replaces Prescription”

  1. Drug addiction is not a choice. People don’t wake up one day and think, I should become addicted to drugs. NOBODY wants to be addicted to drugs. The opioid war is not the fault of those who suffer from drug addiction — they are suffering just as much as those who suffer from chronic pain. Both are medical conditions, not a choice. Stop blaming other patients. It’s not fair and it’s not right.


    1. You’re right I commented on the wrong article. But, addiction is mental & chronic illness with chronic pain is medical. The video from John Oliver Last Week Tonight show is where I meant this comment & maybe it came out on the post above because I just watched it. It makes one upset to see what many did to get the opioids then went onto heroin. That’s the choice they made instead of getting help on their mental issues that lead them to addiction.


      1. You must think it’s really easy for someone to choose to get help for a mental problem, if they can even find a good doctor. And if they have enough money to do so. Considering how hard it is to find a pain doctor, I’m sure mental health doctors are just as hard to find.

        I happen to think that there’s not much difference between mental and physical pain. I think the pathways in the brain for pain aren’t always able to differentiate between mental and physical pain. Chronic pain is not only physical, and I think you know that. It can also cause mental conditions, like anxiety and depression.

        While a very small percentage of pain patients have been forced into the underground drug market because of the drug war, I don’t think this was a choice. And the media distorts the amount of pain patients who have been forced to try heroin, because we’re easy to blame. I’ve suffered from intractable pain for 30 years and I’ve never thought of trying heroin. Never. And even if I wanted to, I have no idea where I’d get it.


      2. No but, it’s been proven that more with chronic pain seek mental help for chronic pain because of depression and anxiety as that’s where they get a lot of there statistics from. When one such as I and yourself suffer from chronic pain with multiple chronic illnesses as long as we have we know what works and what doesn’t. I am not only in healthcare or (should I say was until they took me out of work – THE CDC )I saw how they label people as drug seeking behavior just because we know our pain isn’t in our heads but, that’s not what they’re trying to say. That’s wrong, flat out wrong to think this way. They’re numbers are so corrupted I couldn’t even begin to tell you the data I have on them from physicians who work in pain that have done the real numbers of opioid related deaths. I plan to show them how wrong they are this is why I a an advocate for ALL with chronic pain patients so I’m not the enemy. Regardless, of their thinking let’s agree that not all chronic pain sufferers have sought mental help nor have the coverage to just as they have all tried the modalities not covered before getting opioids prescribed which WE KNOW WORKS as do our doctors yet, they’ve not done long term studies. Well hello, we are there long term studies now aren’t we? I like you’re idea of hounding the CDC on Facebook as I do them daily on Twitter and by letters as I’m meeting with our senator here on 11/10/16 to give him more letters from those who the CDC DEA and all in government have affected by their so called no rules, only reccomendation S for PCP’s.

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