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I’ts an Overdose Epidemic not an Opioid Epidemic

It couldn’t have been said better. Our policy makers need to stop blaming all with incurable diseases, medical errors or the many causes that give millions of people chronic pain. They need to take a serious look at the damage caused by what’s being done and stop passing bills not protecting all with disabilities who’ve done no wrong. I’ve advocated for years and spoke to many senators, reps and policy makers, but had an accident that almost took my life in July. But, I’ll find a way to get this data to them since I’m unable to drive and lost my medication September 5, 2018. Yet, I was recently diagnosed with cancer, having a hard time recovering and not functional without my life saving medication is gone. They’ve no right to take it away from anyone and must understand the consequences caused. Thank you for some good news. One can only hope it helps and isn’t too late .

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Why there’s an overdose epidemic — in two graphs – STAT – By Hawre Jalal and Donald S. Burke – September 20, 2018

Here two of the authors write more about their recent study of the “Overdose Epidemic”:

The “overdose epidemic” that so many Americans are talking about isn’t really a single epidemic. It’s actually several of them, something we began exploring when we graphed the yearly counts of overdose deaths for the last 40 years.

It turns out that, when totaled, these sub-epidemics trace a nearly perfect exponential growth curve. For four decades, overdose deaths have been growing, doubling about every eight years.  

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Learned Helplessness and Opioid Deaths

Absolutely agree 100%. A side note: I went to get my normal medications June 15th and told “DENIED” because a pre-auth was needed effective June 1st, but no letter sent or received to date July 3rd. I called my PBM and told them “I’ll file a complaint with my states Board of Pharmacies and hung up.” I was approved within 2 hours, but was out of medication Sunday June 17th and picked them up June 18th.
It’s out of control when China brags their illicit fentanyl is 99.9% pure, but our crooked DEA doesn’t go after illicit/illegal drugs and shuts our doctors down. There’s been numerous bust for the last 5-6 yrs and more in the last 2-3 yrs, but it’s not enough to make a dent in the illicit fentanyl crisis. When one addicted has demands they’re met by increased productivity, but all who need legitimate prescriptions can’t get them because our providers are being harassed and are afraid of the DEA. They can say “We’re not telling providers how, what, or how many prescriptions for controlled substances one can prescribe”, but their lying. There’s many great true articles of pain patients suffering coming out, but many wonder if its too late. Thank you for another great article. Have a blessed 4th of July.

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Insurance Companies, Learned Helplessness, and Opioid Deaths | Dr. Jeffrey Fudin – June 20, 2018

Politicians, media muckrakers, and blood thirsty legal corporations have launched an all-out attack on prescribing clinicians for causing and/or contributing to the presumed “opioid epidemic”.

The first question in my mind is whether it’s really an “opioid epidemic”, or if it’s an “illicit fentanyl epidemic crisis that has spun out of control as eloquently presented by Rose last April in Pain Medicine.  

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Study finds opioids ARE effective for chronic pain

Well said and many with chronic painful diseases or conditions are proof after 5-25+ years. The government doesn’t want to listen, but will when I take this to congress on my upcoming meeting. Thank you

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Efficacy of opioids versus placebo in chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of enriched enrollment randomized withdrawal trials – free full-text /PMC5939920/ – J Pain Res. May 2018

This most recent study contradicts all the hype saying that opioids aren’t effective for our chronic pain:

  • Opioids are efficacious in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain for up to 3 months in randomized controlled trials”
  • Opioids … remain an important therapeutic option.”
  • I…the efficacy of opioids is at least as large as that of any other treatment for chronic pain.” 

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To stop people dying, make it easier to live

I agree wholeheartedly. Allow people to live the best life possible and maybe we can find a way to keep too many from choosing to die by suicide .

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To stop people dying, we must make it easier for them to live – By Daniel Mezrani – 28 April 2018

I decided it was time to reveal that it was not a heart attack or some other physical ailment that had claimed my father’s life, but suicide. My intention was not to shock, traumatise or evoke pity, but to start a conversation.

In many ways, I understand why a productive national conversation about suicide has eluded us for so long. The idea of someone taking their own life is fundamentally disturbing, and therefore fraught in the public forum.

It is often the subject of moralisation and reductionism, which are unhelpful at best and dangerous at worst.  

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Today’s fentanyl crisis: Prohibition’s Iron Law

See comment for what’s happening 4/22-4/27 in D.C. The truth must be told and we’re going to speak to reps with Dr’s and advocates on 4/25 from 12-2pm at the US Capital. Donations needed for hotel and stage any amount is appreciated. Contact info in comment. God Bless All

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Today’s fentanyl crisis: Prohibition’s Iron Law, revisited. – PubMed – NCBI – Int J Drug Policy. 2017 Aug

This is just a short abstract showing that scientists at the NIH understand that opioid prohibition is what caused much of the “opioid crisis”, which is actually a “fentanyl and heroin crisis”.

Cleverly conflating the numbers of fentanyl and heroin overdoses with prescription opioid overdoses, PROPaganda makes it look like there’s a problem with the prescription opioids prescribed to pain patients when this is absolutely not the case.

But it’s becoming more and more obvious that society’s “overdose crisis” is fueled by illicit drugs, not medications. (See CDC Over-Counting Rx Opioid Overdose Deaths)

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Doctors Say Opioid Limit Unhealtful and Risky

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Unhelpful and Risky: – (shared Google Doc) to be signed specifically by medical professionals only

Dr. Kertesz dares speak truth to power.

He has written a well-referenced, logical letter of protest against the Medicare opioid dose limits where he lays out 4 main reasons this is a bad policy. It’s already been signed by 200 medical professionals.

We write as medical, addiction, pain and rehabilitation professionals to oppose the CMS 2019 proposed policy for 2019 that would impose denial of payment at point of sale for two types of prescription (1):  

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Weathering the Daily Struggle

Exception article and I left my long comment or rant. I hope people read it who’s life has been affected by a chronic illness or disease. It’s there I went into great detail on how it’s recently affected my husbands coworker and myself. Very well written and appreciated.


“There’s a lot going on right now.”

That’s been a common refrain for me since I started a new job and my husband had to have emergency knee surgery. I know it sounds like an excuse when I say that about why I don’t have time to read, or to paint, or hang out with friends. They probably think it is an excuse too. But the one who used to take care of everything else so I could work and pursue my hobbies is now severely limited in what he can do. So it’s all on me now. I just hope that whenever I say that, nobody asks me what exactly is “on me now.”

Because the truth is that there nothing going on with me right now that hasn’t been going on forever in everybody else’s lives. But with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia which limits my daily energy…

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